Hot Town (Remix)

Made using various VST’s from Native Instruments Komplete 8


Cheshire Cat

How mad is the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland, I sampled his voice from YouTube and planted it into a Reggae Bass Track i made in Ableton Live 8. I also used Native Instruments Massive to create the Bass Filth at 1:08.

Becky Blue

I sequenced this laid back Dubstep song for my girlfreind Bec using various loops and bass heavy sounds from Native Instruments Massive.

Powdery Days (Remix)

Eyemaze gave me the pleasure to fuse filthy bass and hard hitting drums into Powdery Days (a track about snowboarding), Recreating the Indie Rock Track into a Dubstep Bass heavy version.

Made using Ableton Live 8 with Native Intruments Traktor and Massive.